America’s Not Ready for Hillary

Before the release, American Secretary of Stat...
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be the next president of the United States. She won’t even be the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee. Risky as it is to place one’s bets 18 months ahead of an election, I’m confident in those two predictions.


Well, the scandals, real and imagined, that have dogged her and her husband’s heels at every turn since the 1992 election cycle — from Whitewater to Vince Foster’s death to “bimbo eruptions” — don’t help.  Her handling of them helps even less, and the fuse is burning down on a big one: A forthcoming book by Peter Schweizer on the Clinton family foundation’s finances.

The charity is hard at work right now, massaging its old tax returns to correct “errors in reporting donations from foreign governments.” Good luck “correcting” what looks a lot like a straightforward $2.3 million bribe from Russia (with love) to then Secretary of State Clinton for approval of a sensitive uranium deal.

But it’s not financial hijinks, tall tales about Bosnian sniper fire, shrugging deflections of responsibility for American deaths in Benghazi, or even her Nixonian, and undeniably criminal, actions in controlling, concealing and destroying official emails as Secretary of State that sound the death knell for her presidential aspirations.

The real problem is that nobody seems to be able to think of any good reason why she should be elected president. Even among those Americans who are okay with politicians running their lives, there’s no great stampede on to let THIS politician run their lives. Maybe that’s because she so clearly relishes the idea.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is famous for being famous. “Power behind the throne” talk aside, she married a future president, rode his coattails to a safe Democrat US Senate seat in which she served without distinction (other than voting for the USA PATRIOT ACT and the invasion of Iraq, neither of which are exactly high points on a presidential resume these days), lost her “inevitable” 2008 Democratic presidential nomination to a freshman US Senator virtually unknown four years before, and kept the needle on her tenure as Secretary of State floating between lackluster and embarrassing.

America has a bad case of Hillary fatigue. And where her presidential ambitions are concerned, the affliction is terminal.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the alternatives, Democrat and Republican alike, aren’t any better. Even the most allegedly “libertarian” of the pack, US Senator Rand Paul, seems a lot more interested in power than in freedom.

If we all write in “None of the Above” a year from this coming November, will the politicians leave us alone for four years? Of course they won’t. But we can daydream, can’t we?

Thomas L. Knapp is director and senior news analyst at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism ( He lives and works in north central Florida.



  • ericdondero

    brilliantly written. Loved the little “Russia with love” quip. You’re smack on with this. America just has Hillary fatigue, and the Donks are smart enough to realize this.

  • JdL

    Hope you’re right about Hideous Hillary. She has a huge amount of money to spend, and that often is a deciding factor. And as you say, who will be running against her? Most likely a cabal of equally hideous people. Rand Paul? A sellout riding his principled father’s coattails. Blecccch.

  • Paul X

    “The real problem is that nobody seems to be able to think of any good reason why she should be elected president.”

    If your main point is this one, your thesis needs help. That point is true of every presidential contender. No one ever knows what is going on with these power-mad freaks, but the fact is, one gets elected every time.

    Get used to the idea of President Hillary. At least there should be some entertainment value, having Bill as First Man – provided she doesn’t get us into a shooting war with Russia…

    • On the contrary, most voters seem to think they have good reasons for voting for Candidate X in most cases. They may be wrong, but they “think of good reasons” for doing so.

      Not so with Clinton. Her sole selling point is that she’s either been running for president or setting up to run for president since 1960.

  • StukaPilot

    Hiligula is corrupt, incompetent, and murderous. An ideal Last Captain of the USS Titanic is it accelerates toward the debtberg…and Civil War. Which is the only way we will restore the Republic.