For Writers


The Garrison Center’s mission is to publish and disseminate libertarian op-eds and letters to editors with the goal of seeing those works published in newspapers, magazine and other media. Naturally, someone has to write the material before it can be published and disseminated. Could that someone be you?

If you’re interested in publishing through the Center, here are some things you need to know:

  • The material we publish goes immediately into the public domain via a Creative Commons CC0 license. This means that once it’s been published it can be used by anyone, anywhere, in any way and for any purpose. If you’re not OK with that, the Center as a publication venue is not for you.
  • At the moment, we do not pay very much for content. That may change. We will be happy, however, to include a link to your web site, “support me” page, etc. in your bio sketch at the bottom of the piece.
  • We publish “op-ed” (“opinion-editorial”) pieces geared toward reprint in newspapers. Ideally, these op-eds will weigh in at 400-500 words; the absolute maximum is 800 words. Material comprising less than 400 words will be submitted to newspapers as “letters to the editor.”
  • Op-ed pieces are oriented to the news cycle. They must have a “news hook” — that is, they must start from reference to something that’s going on now, went on last week or will be going on next week. Editors only care about what you think if what you think relates to the stories they’re covering (or will be covering) as news.
  • Op-ed pieces should be tailored to the audience in terms of interest and reading comprehension. Your readers are, for the most part, not graduate students in economics, philosophy or political science. They’re regular people and you are competing for their attention with the sports page, comics and police blotter. Your argument can be elegant. Your language should be simple.

Still interested? Good! Send queries and submissions to the Center’s director, Thomas L. Knapp, at [email protected].