About the Center

The primary mission of The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism is to publish and disseminate libertarian op-eds and letters for publication in newspapers, magazines and other media.

Our secondary mission is to assist libertarian writers in improving their skills, writing for publication and becoming effective advocacy journalists.

Unlike most libertarian media centers and policy shops, our approach is “ecumenical.” As opposed to laying down an organizational “party line” on issues, we prefer to publish a broad range of libertarian opinion. That said, we publish material advocating for libertarianism and libertarian approaches to issues, not material calling for exceptions to libertarianism.

The Garrison Center is not a 501(c)(x) institution. It neither seeks nor accepts institutional financial support and such support for its authors and administrators is not tax deductible. Center administrators and authors may benefit from site monetization, such as ad placements, “tip jars,” etc.