For Supporters

The Garrison Center is not a 501(c)(x) institution. It neither seeks nor accepts institutional financial support and such support for its authors and administrators is not tax deductible. Center administrators and authors may benefit from site monetization, such as ad placements, “tip jars,” etc.

In fact, we’re not really a formal “organization” at all. My name is Tom Knapp, “director and senior news analyst.” I write most of the Center’s content, and pay the authors who write an occasional op-ed for publication under its banner out of my own pocket. I’d like to do more of that. You can support my work, including but not limited to the Center’s work, from the sidebar of my blog, KN@PPSTER.

Why should you?

Well, in 2015, the Center placed 545 libertarian op-eds in “mainstream” and non-libertarian political publications.

That’s an average of 1.6 op-eds per day, every day, seven days a week (over 11 months — we started publishing at the end of January). At the budget I’d like to have ($250 a month), that comes to an average per-placement cost of $5.05 per op-ed. Our placements have been increasing, and therefore the per-placement cost has been decreasing, over the course of the year.

If that sounds like effective, and cost-effective, libertarian outreach to you, well, now you know why you should support the Center by supporting me 🙂