For Publishers

Do you publish or edit a newspaper, magazine, web site, blog or offer political opinion content in some other medium? If so, the Garrison Center is here to provide you with quality content at no cost and with no strings attached.

Yes, really.

All Garrison Center material is published under a Creative Commons CC0 license. Once we’ve published it, you are completely free to use it in any way and for any purpose. No fees. No restrictions. Free. Period.

NOTE: The Creative Commons dedication mentioned above applies to text and does NOT apply to the photos at the top of each op-ed on the Center’s site. We don’t produce those photos; we use them under license from their creators as specified in the caption or link.

We will also entertain requests for “exclusive” content produced to your publication’s guidelines and not published on our site.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Thomas L. Knapp, the Center’s director, at [email protected].