• JdL

    Because someday, hopefully soon, the present obese state will fall, to be replaced by a much smaller, leaner government like the Russian Republic. That would not be the worst possible world for us to bear, but something for us to look forward to.

    Thanks very much, but I would NOT look forward to living in some place like Russia. There is a huge amount of corruption there, even more than in the U.S., from all I can gather. Putin is competent, unlike pathetic American politicians, but he’s also a thug. Surely you can do better in suggesting a model for emulation.

    • MamaLiberty

      Indeed… I found this article to be seriously depressing. He calls himself an anarchist (which I do not), yet essentially tells the rape victim to relax and enjoy it… Not a chance.

    • I just noticed these comments. I think you misunderstood my point about Russia. I think I was trying to explain that if/when the u.S. eventually defaults on its debt, similar to how Russia defaulted and assumed many positive features of a market based economy such as a low flat tax, that the u.S. similarly would probably enact many more free market-friendly reforms like a flat tax or lower tax structure and other more efficient market features. I certainly am not advocating, and would never look forward to, the negative aspects of Russia today nor would I look forward to Any policies whatsoever that violated the NAP, or libertarian or Free Market Anarchist principles. I believe that it was in this vein that I mentioned a comparison to the Russian Republic, in that it has adopted numerous free market-positive market reforms.